It feels too good to be true

Seven years ago I was a college freshman, reading an issue of the Caltech magazine in the Ruddock lounge. I remember clearly going up, totally unannounced, to the communications office in Millikan and asking if I could be an intern. They said no.

A few years and a bit more work experience later, I was hired as a full time science writer. And yesterday, the Spring 2019 issue was published—including my first original feature story. I can hardly believe it.

I am very grateful to the whole magazine team and my editors for, literally, helping my dreams come true. And of course, to all the professional science writers—especially Dave Tytell—who I pestered while still a college student.

Anyway! This is getting to be like an Oscars acceptance speech. But I just feel very fortunate and thankful. I hope you enjoy the story and I’d love to hear feedback.

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