This year

If you’ve been watching the news with any regularity throughout the year, it’s understandable to think that 2016 was a disaster. The phrase “dumpster fire” (which I am not a fan of) is flung around a lot. So I felt some conflict about writing about what a lovely¬†year I’ve personally had.

Am I allowed to do this? Does it reek of privilege? This was a hard year for so, so many. And yet I keep coming back to these words by Beth McColl —
“celebrate yourself. speak about your achievements. ask others about theirs. help anyone you can help. be helped.”

For me this year was one of joy and beauty. A year of wandering through big cities and across snowy mountains, of celebrating love loudly and in every quiet corner.

I think that’s all I’ll say. Yes, there are so many reasons for sorrow — external and internal — but still, the sun goes up and down each morning and night. For this I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “This year

  1. Thank you for this Lori. Hope is what we all need. Given everything that has happened the past year, the world needs more positive people who still believe in good and the goodness of others. Happy New Year!

  2. Wonderful! I like your style – crisp and to the point. I don’t know where I got it (perhaps from Lolo) but mine tends to be more wordy and flowery, hence not appropriate for science writing. Reading your blog reminds me of this saying: “when you share your joy with others, it is doubled; when you share your sorrow with others, it is cut in half.”

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